Hello and a big welcome to all cricket fans across India from Exclusively Men in blue.

There is a huge story behind the making of this blog space. But for us cricket fans we are not here for that. Are we? NO. So in a nutshell, this blog space is created by a diehard Cricket fan for all other fans like you: who eat, sleep and breathe Cricket.

In this blog space, we will put our best efforts to bring you latest news/events happening across India cricket fraternity with analysis and in-depth views on the same. But it is going be a tad different because it is not going to be from an expert’s point of view but from a passionate unbiased Indian cricket fan’s point of view.

A humble request to you all, we want Exclusively Men in blue to be an interactive space, and would like you to leave comments on the posts – agree, disagree, argue, criticize, compliment, correct, do as you please. The views expressed on this blog space will be those of the authors (who are fans like you all) and you may or may not agree with them, which will only make the discussions more constructive.

All said and done, we will ensure to take cricket analysis to next level from a fan’s point of view. By doing so will even try to project to cricket experts/legends through this blog that we fans across Indian not just blindly support the game of cricket, we also have a very clear understanding of the Game and care for the betterment of it.

So people get ready, let’s make a statement of our own!!!!



Exclusively Men in Blue founder&editor: S.Aditya

Contact details: exclusivelymeninblue@yahoo.com

Phone number: 9886545074

What gave birth to Exclusively Men in Blue: 

This blog space was created during the early part of the year 2017. The idea was lingering around the author’s mind for some time. Aditya S (Author) is a diehard fan of Cricket game and has a very strong attachment towards India cricket team and its growth. But it all started actually from several events which unfolded in Social media space in particular to Facebook.

During the early stage of the year 2014, having a strong affinity towards the game, he started to publish posts on landmark events taking place across Indian cricket, match analysis of every Indian game etc. on his own Facebook profile as well as in several Groups pertaining to the game of Cricket. Doing it over the period of 3 years, one common fact which he could observe was, on several occasions, views/analysis posted by passionate fans of the game was actually having an unbiased view with better solutions to the context of a situation than expert’s opinion (in television or websites) towards it.

On the flip -side the expert’s world never really gave a hard thought about fan’s voice of concern about a situation or any analysis done by them. At times it was mentioned saying as a fan they have panicked and so demanding change etc. But one point which they forgot was we fans are the end user here, we are also stakeholders of Indian cricket world.

So this actually created a thought in author’s mind that a well thought out analysis of fans like us must be documented and should reach the experts. By doing that it must change the thought process that Indian cricket fans are not just blind followers of their cricket team, they have a very good understanding of the game and also care for the betterment of it. Once this becomes true, fans will hold a respectable place in India cricket world.  This is the main goal to be achieved through this blog.

To make this dream come true we need active involvement from each one of you, after all, we are doing it for the game we love and support.

Thank you for visiting. Enjoy your stay and keep coming back.